Tv Violence and its effect on children

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Children learn by a common cliche: monkey see, monkey do. Children's lives are impacted by everything around them, including parents, teachers, friends, even enemies, but especially television. More specifically, violence on tv negatively affects children's behaviour. It demonstrates violence as a solution to problems, it elevates violence to a glamorous, cool position and ultimately it makes them violent individuals. One of the most crucial parts of a childs learning process is the visual images projected into ones mind, the images that are portrayed by tv are violent and give the impression that this not only the right way to represent ones feeling but also the only way. This type of image being portrayed from such a great role model such as television makes children prone to acts of violence during child hood, subsequently after and later on in life.

As acknowledged children follow a common bromide monkey see monkey do.

When a child watches his/her parents as they grow they develop there characteristics because they were raised watching there way of life, with there manors ethics and morals if he or she was raised in a family that was loving and caring they will most probably be the same way with their future spouse/family but if the child was neglected he/she may show the same negligence to thier future spouse/family, same way they would attempt to educate themselves by watching his/her teacher and thier way of teaching a lesson or even when it comes to friends a child follows anothers stlye and stradergy of game play. e.g when a child is playing tag and his friend finds a way to get to the other side of the park that is shorter or faster to get away from the child who is counting, the child who observed this stratergie will do...