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Option 1: Violence on T.V.

I think that violence on television has a negative effect on the children that are viewing this shows. Youth today by the time they finish elementary school will have viewed 8,000 acts of murder and 100 000 acts of violence.

People have always been concerned with violence on T.V. since the 50's.

Although the problem with violence on television in the 60's where 50 million people had a television in their homes. The 60's where the rebellion age and there where 3 times the amount have violence then there was in the 50's. Some of the main acts of violence that where seen on television in the 60's was the Kennedy assassination and the Vietiem war that were nicknamed the living room war. In 1991 President Bill Clinton passed a law that by the year 2000 every television had to have a V-Chip installed into it, witch allows parents control the violence that their children view on T.V.

Studies found that over half the of the cartoon shows that are made for children contain some form of violence. (Fighting, shooting and murders) In a recent study a group of children where split up into two groups. Group A watched a tape of children their age kicking and punching a toy doll, while the others Group B watched children playing with the same doll, but instead of punching and kicking the doll the kids were having a tea party with it. Group A was put into a room with the doll to see what their reaction to the doll would bee. The children reacted to the doll by punching and kicking the doll just like the children on the tape did. Group B was put in the same situation, but instead of kicking and punching the doll the played nicely with the doll. This test proved that children where easily influenced by what they seen on television weather it was a negative or positive show.

47% of the cartoons show that the victim had going unharmed. Children that view this sort of things in shows think they can get away with trying to hurt someone in real life with out them getting hurt. Another point to consider is that most shows show violence is a solution to a problem. Take WWF wrestling for example, is this show when two of the wrestlers have a problem with each other they take it to the ring and beat the crap out of each other with different wrestling moves. There has been countless number of times reported that children have gotten seriously injured or even killed trying to imitate some of the wrestling moves that the wrestlers are trying to perform on the show. Another example of how T.V. has a negative influence on people is how they make heroes out of people that commit crimes. For example Dukes of Hazard who where two brothers that where always trying to outrun the police in their car.