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Architects play an important role in the society. The reason of its importance can be listed as follows: Firstly an architect can make a most efficient use of the construction and decoration material. No only can he design the most appealing house but he can save as much material as possible, which is of great significance when all kinds of the resources available are exhausting quickly. After years¡¯ professional training, an architect is able to sketch a house that can give a full play of the owner¡¯s personality and at the same time exist in harmony with the surroundings. An amateur can never achieve the same standard as an architect does. When my family moved into a new apartment, we were quite confused as how to arrange the furniture and deck up the house. At first my parents made the arrangement themselves. It took them a considerable amount of time to work out an ostensibly satisfactory draft.

However after rough calculation, the cost skyrocketed to an astounding sum. Disappointed and depressed, my parents turned to an acquaintance who had been working as an architect for more than six years. After having some knowledge of the family background and individual interest, he figured out the design quickly. The cost reduced a great deal. More than that when the adorning completed, we all marveled at the wonderful design. Now any visitor to my house will sing high praise for it. The credit should go to the architect.

Secondly an architect¡¯s work can add great beauty to a city and a country. Much of a city¡¯s scenery comes from various kinds of architecture. On one hand dwelling among the pleasant buildings, the city residents will feel comfortable and proud. On the other hand, if a city has great world-famous architectures, they will draw a lot of tourists all over the world. France is a romantic nation. The romance is not only rooted among the sociable and hospitable people, but also derives from the architectures like Lourre and Arch of Triumph. When designing and constructing these buildings, the architects did their utmost to present the romantic spirit of the French people. As a result these constructions bare a manifest and in-depth reveal of the romanticism and add a great fame to the nation. Every year millions of tourists travel to France for sightseeing. The architectures have won every one¡¯ appreciation and admiration.

Thirdly an architect is an inheritor and presenter of cultures. Architecture is an indispensable part of culture. Therefore the responsibility to inherit and carry forward the culture heritage descends naturally on the architects. Resourceful and experienced architects can do the job. The world-renowned building of Bank of China in Hong Kong represents a perfect marriage of the oriental and western cultures. When sketching the building the architect adopted the approach of modernism emphasizing utility and simplicity, which followed the mainstream of western culture. Nevertheless the appearance of the building bore a close resemblance to a sword, most common in oriental culture. Considering the location of the building, it is a masterpiece of architecture combining different cultures. All this should be attributed to the architect.

Through the above analysis you can see the contribution an architect can make to the society. He can make the most efficient use of materials, add beauty to the city and enrich the culture. An architect does an important job.