Twelve angry men

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Put yourself on trial, where 11 jurors out of 12 vote guilty. Although you are innocent, and the one man in the jury who votes not guilty has reasonable doubt for your guilt. Your life is in twelve angry mens' hands. You can hardly defend yourself. It's up to the jurors to interpret the words in the testimonies to find the truth. In "Twelve Angry Men," by Reginald Rose the main factor's that create reasonable doubt for the jurors to look at were; the woman across the street, the problems with the knife, and the old man who lived in the building.

First, a woman testifies against the boy who lives directly across the street. Her window is parallel to the boy's who is now on trial. She claimed she had gone to bed around 11 o'clock. She was tossing and turning for about an hour, because it was a hot night.

When she casually looked out he window. She had seen the boy stab his father. The problems with this testimony are explained to the other jurors by juror #4 who points out the woman wears glasses. He also wore glasses and explained you didn't wear them when you go to sleep. When she casually looked out the window, it probably wouldn't have been clear what she was looking at. Another thing that might have blurred her vision would be the passing "el train." She had to look threw the windows of it, to see the boy. "The woman across the street looked through the windows of the last two cars of the el and saw the body fall" pg. 143. Remember that she had been tossing and turning for an hour. Don't you think she would have been half asleep and not sure of what she...