A twist to the traditional story of the three little pigs

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Once upon a time there lived 3 little pigs...Oh yah, what did happen to them? Well stick around and I will tell you. The Pigs' names weren't really first pig, second pig and third pig; they were Neville, the first pig who made his house out of straw (as you can probably guess he was a bit unlucky; even the name is unfortunate). The second pig was Fredrick and the third pig was Wilma. Wilma was smart and wise beyond her years; she was the one with the brick house. They were triplets, three of a kind. You could even say they were best friends, until the incident with the bowl of boiling water and the wicked wicked wolf. Yes that is where it all went wrong for the 3 round and jolly little pigs.

Many stories say different things about what really happened to the wolf at the end of the story, but, to set the record straight, the wolf did die in a boiling cauldron of water at the end of the story.

He didn't fall in the fire and burn his tail like some stories say. No, he died a painful death!

Any way back to the reason why you are reading this, after the wolf fell into the cauldron of fiery hot bubbling water, the 3 little pigs did not know what to do with the body of the evil wolf. Then as Neville's tummy gave a huge roar, Wilma had the perfect idea of what to do with the body.

"As the wolf is already half cooked why not have wolf casserole for dinner?" asked Wilma.

Fredrick opened the spattered curtains next to the fireplace. They were very wet because the wolf wasn't a small wolf and so made a huge splash when...