A Twisted Love Story.

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The fall of each rosepetal was the sign of confusion for Sana. The only thing which was on her mind was what to do.

"Should I tell him?" And the rose petal falls, "No I don't have to tell him," again the petal falls, these two thoughts were being repeated again and again in her mind, and each time she was sacrificing a rose petal to make herself comfortable.

A much similar case was with Yasir who was holding his mobile in his hand and was thinking of what to do with it. "Should I call her and tell her to meet me tomorrow" and "No I must be patient and wait for her to call me," these two thoughts were repeatedly haunting him, only this time he was holding a mobile instead of a red rose.

Now let us go to the background of the events which led to this situation and to the beginning of this confusion and disturbance.

Yasir was a type of guy who had many girlfriends in the past and so he was famous for being a flirt. One day Yasir's newest girlfriend, Mary, introduced him to her best friend who was unfortunately Sana. First Sana and Yasir didn't give each other much attention or importance and were only meeting each other due to their relationship with Mary, but slowly and gradually their contacts started increasing as both wanted to spend their time with Mary as she was very special to them. When their contacts started to increase, they also got to know each other more and a type of attraction developed between them, and soon they became good friends.

Each time Yasir would consult Sana for advice or guidance, of what to say to Mary to impress her, where to take...