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Jan. 2002 Dear Volleyball Coach of Hi! It's Suzanne Ganem from Arizona, and I really appreciate all the contact you've kept with me over this past volleyball season. This year my high school team went undefeated, (all except for one loss in a tournament to Xavier) we won our region banner, and were ranked 2nd in the State for most of the season. During the state tournament our team couldn't handle it and we lost in the third game 16-14, to a team we had already beaten earlier in the season.

I just wanted to tell you some new information about me over the last few months. In November, club volleyball started and I'm on Arizona Juniors 18-1's with Bernard Ing as my coach. I grew another quarter of an inch too, and my number for club is # 20. We are hosting the Fiesta Classic on Jan. 19-21 and I'd appreciate if you would come and watch me play.

Also our team will be playing in the Las Vegas tournament Feb. 16-18. I also have a friend who you might want to watch; she was on my school team but we're on different club teams. Her name is Elizabeth Terzich and she is #3, and plays for Phoenix North Valley.

I have a few questions about your university. I was wondering if you had a good institute program for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or (Mormons, because I am Mormon)? What is the weather like? How many students go to school there? I hope you will be able to watch me play throughout this club season, as I learn and (hopefully) grow a little bit more. Happy New Year and may God bless! Sincerely, Suzanne Ganem