A two career family vs. a one

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Two-career family vs. One-career family Quality time has become a password in two career families vs. a one career family. Many working parents try to set aside time in their hectic days to devote to their children. but what are the qualities of "quality time," and what differences does a a two career family have compared to a one career family? These along with some other questions remain unclear in today's society.

Most parents are working at a full time job (forty hours a week) five days a week. Therefore, when the parents arrive home from a hard, stressful day at work, they want peace and quiet. This is actually where the most problems begin. My mom and I try so hard to get housework done and food on the table all in a day's work. Both my parents are full time working parents, and vacations come rarely; however, spare time with my family is not optional.

Some days I'll go a whole day without seeing one of my parents. Some days I wish it wasn't so hard to have two working parents. When my mom wasn't a career mom, I felt it was a lot easier on me and her. There was no talk like "Mom, when are you coming home?" or "Are we eating out again?" Being a two-career family is just what pays the bills. It is not an option; it's a must! Spending time with your children is usually minimal when two parents work in the same household. When both parents are working, that means both are equally tired and stressed when arriving home. So when are they spending time with their children? Quality time on weekends should be a time to catch up and find out what your children are learning and how they are...