Two Day Trip to Copenhagen, Denmark

Essay by simplegirl123 May 2008

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My time in Slovakia was done; I hopped in the plane and headed for the weekend to Denmark, Baltic Sea. I decided to spend the weekend in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is the royal capital of Denmark with the population of almost 1.9 million; it is also known to be one of the oldest and most wonderful capitals in Europe. My flight from Bratislava, Slovakia to Copenhagen, Denmark was approximately 6 hours long but it was worth a wait. I reached Copenhagen airport around 7:05 pm, the airport itself was well equipped with all the necessary facilities; lounges, wireless internet points, boutiques, restaurants, duty-free shops, beauty parlors, bars, and more. After reaching the airport, I grabbed a taxi and to rent out a room I went straight to 71 Nyhavn Hotel which was about 10 km away from the airport. 71 Nyhavn Hotel is an elegant 4 star hotel with a modern atmosphere and it provided a spectacular the view of the harbor.

The facilities provided to me included suites, television, mini-bar, internet access, car parking, restaurant, and many more. By the time, I took care of my hotel room and my luggage, it was late evening so I decided to sleep in and visit the beach next day.

Next morning, I got ready, ordered some breakfast and went straight down at the reception to ask for directions to Amager Beach Park. I was told by the receptionist that it was only 5 km away from the hotel so I decided to grab my equipment along with my bicycle and hired a taxi. I got the beach in 7 minutes, the weather was not too cold or too hot, it was mild due to spring time. Amager Strand is Copenhagen's only bathing beach. It serves a densely populated area and is...