Two of everything- a couple found a special pot, what is so special about it?

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Old Mr.and Mrs.Hak-Tak, lived in a little hut on the side of a mountain in China. They had a couple of fields in which they grew rice, and a plot at the back of the house where they grew vegetables. Apart from a few old pieces of furniture and some threadbare clothes, that was all they had.

If ever they had too much produce, which wasn't often, they would sell it at the market in the village down in the valley, and buy a few things which they couldn't make or grow themselves, like tools or cloth for clothes.

One day, Mr.Hak-Tak was working in the rice paddy when he saw something sticking out of the mud. It was the edge of a huge pot. He couldn't understand how it had got there because he was sure it hadn't been there yesterday. He pulled and tugged and pushed and shoved until he got the pot onto dry land.

It was too heavy for him to carry, so he rolled it down the hill and, after wiping away the mud, dragged it into the house.

"What have you got there?" asked Mrs.Hak-Tak.

"It's a pot. The biggest pot I've ever seen. It was in the rice paddy, and I don't know where it came from".

"Let me look" said Mrs.Hak-Tak. She leaned over the edge of the pot to look inside, and the comb fell out of her hair and clanged on the bottom of the pot.

"Oh, the comb fell out of my hair!" They pulled the pot over on its side and she reached in to get her comb back. When she stood up again she looked puzzled. "Look" she said. "There are two combs! Mine and another exactly like it! The second comb...