On two feet and wings

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Describe at least one relevant key idea in the text. Explain why the key idea in the text could still be relevant today.

In the non-fiction, "On two feet and wings", written by Abbas Kazarooni, a key idea is delivered. It is the idea that in times of overcoming adversity, we need others to show a sense of humanity to help us succeed. This is highlighted through the experience of the protagonist, Abbas Kazarooni, a nine-year old boy who survived against the odds alone in a foreign country. He grew up in Iran in the 1980s, at the height of the Ian-Iraq war. From Iran, Abbas was forced to flee his country and leave his family when the Ayatollah government lowered their recruitment age for boy to eight. The author's childhood experiences, written as an autobiography and memoir, emphasise the importance of understanding the key idea in relevance to today's events.

He utilised a range of techniques and situations to achieve this.

The story narrates a young boy's solo journey in the city of Instabul, Turkey. Due to Abbas' family background and history with the previous Shah dynasty, "Children like me would be picked first", the protagonist explains the reason for leaving. This is because, "because my father had links with the Shah". Based on the author's past experience, the memoir is deliberately narrated in childish clement of him. In this narration, the readers are able to be aware of his identity, despite of the responsibilities bearing on his young shoulders. The key idea is introduced when Abbas arrived at the Instabul airport, but is unexpectedly abandoned by his father's friend. Yet ironically, it was a complete stranger who saved the situation. The kind-hearted taxi-driver, Ahmed, took him from hotel-to-hotel until settling in one of a reasonable price and...