Two Heroes, Same Courage

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Braveheart and Beowulf are both remarkable stories that leave audiences a great impression. I really enjoyed watching and reading these because they talk about bravery and heroism. These two are both epic, but they have differences and similarities.

Like Beowulf, Braveheart's protagonist, who is William Wallace, has the strength and courage to fight for his country's freedom. They both are good leaders and protectors of men that honored them. They also both lead an army to battle. William Wallace, like Beowulf, also has a tremendous body with big biceps and incredible strength. They both are known to be mighty protectors to their place and people. They both know God and acknowledge Him. The scenes from the two epic stories are somehow really brutal especially in killing scenes. They both died at the end of the story where many people grieved their death.

They both claimed the peace and freedom they had been fighting for. Lastly, they showed true bravery and symbolized hope to their country.

Although they have many similarities, there are also big differences between the two. One is that Beowulf has no love affair unlike Wallace. William's army were truly reliable and loyal that they are willing to die, unlike to the men of Beowulf that some were not brave enough to die and took the rick to protect their leader. Beowulf fought against mythical creatures that had supernatural powers while William Wallace fought against a kingdom to welcome the freedom of his country.

The stories Beowulf and Braveheart taught me things that cannot be easily welcome without sacrifices. One should take the risk to finally achieve things that are not like any other material belongings. Each one of us should have the bravery and courageousness like...