Two Lovers.

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Balance: Two very different type of lovers meet. But both share that one inexpressible feeling of love.The bright colors of a rose, detailed by the shades of each individual petalThe smell of nature's freshness and inspiration it creates The comfort you receive when you realize it's the creation of Mother Nature's graceMy learned friend divides the color of a rose into a mixture of primary and secondary colors caused by chemicals released inside the plant during the process of photosynthesis. As for the feeling it creates, odors released by the plant release chemicals in the lower cerebrum which can cause a slight feel of happiness when ingested.

The world is filled with people, all different and uniqueEach of them has a mate, destined to meet and createI ask my learned friend "What are the odds of me to be standing in front of my soul mate?"My learned friend explains to me that the current global census reports a worldpopulation of 6.2

billion. On the issue of a soul mate, with the current distribution of men to women according to statistical analysis and Einstein's theory of impossiblism, the odds are against you, my learned friend informed me.

Well, what are the odds that when I point at that star, there's a couple sitting there in the warm summer breeze pointing right back?The current accepted theory on the elements involved in creating stars state that stars are merely a combination of space dust and debrisIs there something wrong with me? Are my theories too elemental to those accepted by the scientific community if I believethat roses are beautiful, solely because of their grace? Am I ignorant to believe that we are not the only ones who can enjoy star glazing on a summer night in this whole universe?Am...