This is a two page essay describing cleopatra's poltical strategies in egypt.

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Cleopatra An Egyptian Ruler

How we see Cleopatra today is through archaeology. The best representation of Cleopatra through archaeology would have to be her as Isis would on the south wall relief of the temple at Hathor at Dendera. This relief portrays her as having many life events in common with the Goddess Isis. Even though the whole idea of Cleopatra being identified with Isis was mainly used for Egyptian propaganda, her story was ironically parallel with that of the Goddess Isis.

Osiris, Isis, Seth, and Nepthys were the children of Nut and Geb (part of the Heliopolitan Ennead). Seth was greatly jealous of his brother Osiris who was the main God at the time. Seth then formed a group of conspirators to arrange a plan to get rid of Osiris. Seth then secretly measured the body of Osiris and made a coffin to fit his size. Seth threw a party and invited many people.

Later on during the party he presented the coffin and said that anyone who could fit in this coffin shall have it. During this time coffins were very expensive thus, this was a very fine gift and everyone wanted it. However, no one could fit it until Osiris lies down inside of it. Of course the coffin fit and immediately Seth and his fellow conspirators slammed the coffin closed and nailed it shut. Seth disposed of the coffin with Osiris into the river.

When Isis got word of what happened she put on a garment of mourning and immediately set out to find the body of her husband and brother, Osiris. Once Isis found the body she, with Osiris, conceived Horus. When Seth found out what she had done he chopped up the body of Osiris into little pieces and dispersed the pieces all over...