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My grandparents gave me many great moments in my childhood that have formed into such great memories. (Thesis statement) The admiration I have for my grandparents can only be explained by my memories which are so, so many, so very dear to me and were the happiest moments in my childhood and a foundation for my convictions as an adult. I recall going to bible study with my grandparents and being so scared and then going and learning that adults also had problems and fears and that bible study was a place to come together with friends and discuss the bible and learn through god how to navigate in life. I remember the times when my grandparents convinced me to get involved and expand my horizons, to let life inspire me. A great example is, the time they encouraged me to involve myself in vacation bible school. This experience enabled me to be a counselor there a few years later, all of which they gave me the opportunity and inspiration to do.

I remember the little silly childhood admiration's, such as the graham crackers with my grandmother's homemade icing in the middle, the ice cream sandwiches, how routine and special they were to me. How every year we would take a three hour trip to hike and cut down our own Christmas tree, and how neat it was they allowed us to pick the tree. The hay ride on our way back down from the cutting of the tree, was such a great feeling of family and security. Memories of simple childhood admiration of my grandparents I believe formed into a deeper admiration as an adult.

My grandparent's marriage and deep love for each other set an example of strength, admiration and depth. Their relationship and my favorite memory exhibit...