Two prespectives of Bush's 2004 and JFK's 1964 State of the Union Addresses.

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy and George Walker Bush are two very different men in two very different times but the same type of issues apply to both. Both Presidents cited the need to protect freedom at all costs. Both had to deal with inflation and a rough economy the past year. Both men wanted nuclear disarmament. Among the similarities and differences between these two presidents, they both had the same kind of jobs to carry out. They are chief executive, party leader, judicial leader, legislative leader, commander in chief, chief diplomat, and chief of state.

The most notable trait of both speeches concerns being a chief diplomat. Both men are resistant to forces opposing America's freedom. John Kennedy mentions how the Communists cannot welcome diversity. This is similar to how President Bush says terrorists pose the ultimate danger to the United States and our allies. JFK was preparing for the Cold War with the Communist bloc by increasing defense budget spending.

George Bush says he and Congress "will give you the resources [the troops] need to fight and win the war on terror." Kennedy also increased the number troops in the reserves. The Presidents were at war in their own senses. Treaties with the Soviets were to be made in JFK's case but Bush actually took over a country with relative ease.

Being the chief diplomat, the President must go to the United Nations. International unity can be an important factor in diplomacy. Kennedy supported the U.N. in every way like approving a new U.N. Bond issue. He also wanted to cooperate with the U.N. to go to the moon and create an International Communications Satellite system. He especially wanted the U.N.'s role in disarmament and solving the issue on nuclear testing. George Bush was the opposite when he started his...