Two Women's Contributions to Canadian Culture. Wafa Nurdin

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Women through countless decades have influenced Canadian culture. They have stimulated the minds of many generations of Canadians, whether it be young or old, and helped create a diverse cultural background of Canada through their unique artistic talent, values, and their accomplishments in life. A prime example of one of these Canadian women is Lucy Maud Montgomery. A woman of the early 1900's, she published one of the greatest Canadian novels of the 21st century: Anne of Green Gables. This novel later became a literary masterpiece, as it depicted the vibrant ambiance of Prince Edward Island through the eyes of a young orphan. On the other hand, Rita McNeil, a maritime folksinger has contributed to our cultural diversity through her sensational folk and Celtic music that depicts the life in the Maritimes.

Prince Edward Island is full of rolling hills, red sand and vast green fields. To the average eye, one would think its beauty could not be captured in words.

But there is one author, a native of P.E.I., who can. Montgomery knows all about the island, having grown up there. Her books are based on the houses and the people she loved. But just how much of her work is fictional, and how much of it came from her own world? Many authors base their books on their own lives, and Ms. Montgomery is no exception. This is not a biography of Montgomery's life, but rather an analysis of how she used her experience to create stories, for as Montgomery herself once said, "Biography is a screaming farce. No man of woman is ever truly depicted. Biographies, even the best, are on - or at the most two sided - and ever human being has half a dozen different sides." Through her knowledge of the customs...