Types of bulling, who are bullies, and why people bully.

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Bullying is when you feel like you are dominated or you are being treated abusively by another person. At one point in life, everyone has or will be bullied in some form or another. People are usually bullied because of the things they have and what the bullies do not. Only certain groups of people are bullied. Bullying can be in different forms like verbal, physical, mental, or emotional.

A bully will go after the person with the things that they don't have. For example, the bullies will target people because that person has a good family and the bully's parents are divorced. Bullies will target the people who are smarter than they are. Sometimes the things that they are jealous of can be not very obvious. The thing that they can be jealous of is that you have good friends that like you for who you are and they have no friends at all.

There are a couple different forms of bullying. They are verbal and physical. Physical bullying is like when you beat up someone or throw them into a locker. However, when you call someone names or make jokes about them, then that is verbal bullying. There is also the unintentional form of bullying. This is when you are a bully even though you don't try to be. For example, picking someone last or not at all for a team can be unintentional bullying. Not inviting someone to a party can also be a form of unintentional bullying.

Only certain groups of people are bullied. A bully will usually target someone who doesn't have as much money, who don't have as nice clothes or that persons parents are divorced or having family problems. People are also bullied by their personalities. If a person likes a certain...