Types of Business Organizations

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University of PhoenixBusiness Law BUS/415March 30, 2009Sunshine's Sports Bar and GrillIntroductionThe goal of Sunshine's Sports Bar and Grill is to offer a fun family environment while catering to a wide variety of sporting events. We offer a sports bar environment with family restaurant style. Sunshine's Sports Bar and Grill offers full lunch and dinner menu, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, weekly sporting tournaments, Private Party Area, Special Viewing Events and much more. Sunshine's Sports Bar and Grill target customers are families, men and women ages 21 and above. Sunshine's Sports Bar and Grill is 94 ft long and 50 ft wide and has more than 20 High Definition projection screen T.V.'s each equipped with their own surround sound area for that real life, at the game experience. Sunshine's Sports Bar and Grill specialty is that dining areas are dedicated to a different sport genre and are separated by a pelxi glass partition.

This aspect allows customers to feel as if they have stepped into a special bar and grill dedicated to the sole sport of choice while not being forced to only view that sport.

Difference of Business Organizations TypesAs the venture of opening the Sunshine Sport's Bar and Grill gets underway, one major area of concern is whether the business should operate as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a corporation or a LLC. Sunshine Sport's Bar and Grill is a part of a franchise which in turn makes it part of a corporation. Though the business itself is part of a corporation the individual assembly of ownership of this particular venue can still fall under one of the four various types of business ownership. By taking a look into the four types of business organizations a determination of which type of ownership best suits this business venture.

Sole Proprietorship...