Types of Cosmetic Surgery

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While some get cosmetic surgery to look young, there are different types of cosmetic surgery they can get done to help with scars and injuries from accidents. Doctors are now using different types of cosmetic surgeries to help accident victims cover-up scars and injuries due to accidents of any kind. They can graph skin from one part of the body to another to make the scars go away and make the scar look almost all the way invisible.

Surgeons began to develop cosmetic surgery in response to birth disfigurement and war deformities. Cosmetic surgery started because the 20th century wars resulted in destroyed facial and head features. The war injuries greatly accelerated the experimentation of plastic surgery and quickly became the starting point for the history of cosmetic surgery. By the end of World War I and the number of faces reconstructed was put out there in the press as a way to restore hope to the soldiers who were injured.

People today are not ashamed to let others know that they have had constructive surgery done on places of their body that they were not previously happy with. This in turn started a trend into public view of how people could go and make themselves look and feel younger or better than what they truly were. In 2002 alone, there were close to 6.9 million procedures performed to help people look better. The trend of cosmetic surgery is so exceptional that there is numerous surgeries that anyone can get. (Eclipse Medical Marketing, LLC 2005)The following are some surgeries people can get done breast augmentation - this procedure is done by enlarging the breast a individual, breast reduction - to reduce the size of breast that an individual feels is to large, breast lift - helps to lift the breast...