Types of Crime

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Caleb Cope

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November 1, 2014

Types of Crime

There are many types of crime in the criminal justice system. Crimes such as Violent,

Property, Public-Order, White-Collar, Organized, and High-Tech. These are six main types of

crimes in the United States of America, and are they are being committed frequently by

criminals daily all over the United States. Crimes are very serious and have been committed in

the World for ages.

Violent crime is a very common type of crime. It includes crimes such as Murder,

Robbery, Sexual Assault, and Assault and Battery. These crimes are committed very frequently

in the U.S. Even though these are all put into the same category, there are different degrees of

punishment for all of these. One may serve only ten years for assaulting a person, but

yet if they committed a murder, the sentence would most likely be life in prison or possibly a

death sentence in which they do by injection or the electric chair.

Another form of crime is Property Crime, and is the most common form of criminal

activity. These crimes include shoplifting, stealing, theft or burglary, motor vehicle theft and

also arson. These all are crimes that have to do with damaging or taking from a persons

property in which they own. These crimes are committed very frequently in the United States

and all around the world and will continue to be committed every day.

Public order crimes are crimes in which they only harm the person. Such as, being drunk

in public, illicit drug use, gambling, and also prostitution. These crimes are not as serious as

Violent Crimes may be, and also, the time spent in jail or prison is not near as long either. These

crimes may be more apt to be committed at parties,