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America's next top model also known as ANTM is a show lots of young girls watch. Every girl would love to be one of the beautiful long legged models that walk the runway. But to be totally honest with ourselves, this isn't possible for a large percentage of the population. To be a size 0 and be 6 feet tall is very unreal but since ANTM is able to gather around 15 girls of this size every season it makes it hard to believe that it's uncommon to find people like this walking the street. ANTM is drenched with different ethnicities and shows how girls will claw each other to get to the top and how even though these girls are beautiful, they're not good enough.

This image speaks a million words. First they paired the whitest girl with a very dark girl. The white girl is claiming a dominant position to the black girl.

She is grabbing the girl by the dress and yelling at her. They even added a comment bubble to add to the image. This shows how so commonly our society claims the dominance of the white population.

The white girl's face looks something of rage or anger. She is yelling at the other girl and taking control of the situation. She is playing in the dominant role. He legs are spread wide and her feet are planted. She is not budging on what she wants or feels. The black girl's face has a look of fear. She looks scared and that she doesn't know what to do. She is shrieking back and her arm is guarding the front of her body. Her feet are placed very close together and she doesn't look as stable.

Usually the male would take a dominant role over a woman and...