Tyranny, the old and the new

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Extended Antigone Essay

Tyranny, The Old and The New

Sophocles' dramatization of pride in the play Antigone is very relevant to modern society. Creon's hubris, inability to admit his mistakes and to relate to Antigone's beliefs at the climax of the play is a struggle between a people and it's government that can be related to the recent uprisings across the world, specifically the uprising in the Ukraine. Antigone is based around the story of a young woman, Antigone, who defies the edict of her King in order to both bury her brother who was exiled from her city-state Thebes and satisfy the Greek gods. King Creon, a tyrannical and cruel ruler, is feared by the entire city-state of Thebes. When he finds out that someone broke his edict and buried Polynicies he sets the death penalty to whom ever did so, when he finds out it is Antigone he is infuriated.

This conflict leads to Antigone killing herself that, in turn, leads to Haimon (Creon's son) and Creon's wife both killing themselves. Before Antigone's suicide, Creon learns that his judgment of her is wrong. He ends up losing all that is dear to him - his family and the trust of his city-state. He is overcome with grief and is, literally, a shadow of his former self. The recent uprisings in Ukraine can be seen as an extension of the Arab Spring that has affected many countries in the world. The large-scale corruption and tyrannical 'gang' like rule of the current President Viktor Yanukovych have been at the center of the conflict. President Yanukovych has accepted large-scale loans from the Russian Federation (with the most recent being a total of USD$15 billion) to supposedly support Ukraine, but the vast majority has instead been squandered on supporting the rich governing...