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In chapter six a dead parachutist who died during an airplane explosion fell out of the plain and landed on the island. The irony in this chapter was that the only adult that came the closest to helping the boys, died himself. Sam and Eric saw the dead parachutist on the mountain as they were keeping the fire burning. They thought the parachutist was the beast and informed Ralph right away. Ralph instantly got his spears ready, and along with some other boys went looking for the beast. However, the boys did not find the "beast" anywhere. The beast seems to be all in their minds.

We all seem to fear something. Whether they are spiders, snakes, heights, ghosts, etc. We may even know that some of these fears are not real, and rather are just in our heads. Yet, we still fear them because there may be some chance that they are real.

My worst fear are ghosts. The thought of them makes shivers go up and down my spine. Even though ghosts do not exist I find them absolutely horrifying.

Even though I have not encountered ghosts personally, I've had scary experiences relating to ghosts. I still remember the summer when I was ten years old. Back then we used to own an eighteen acre farm which was covered with full grown blueberry plants. These plants were as tall as trees, and when you were standing amongst them nothing could be seen beyond. They towered over you like dark scary monsters. When you went into the rows of these plants, it was like you had entered a forest. It became dark and chilly, with hardly any sunlight allowed to shine through. In the middle of the rows were piles of dried leaves which had fallen from the plants. They were brown and black in colour, and added to the dark atmosphere inside the rows. When you walked the leaves rustled beneath your feet, so that the presence of being inside these rows was always noticeable. Huge, dark and hairy spiders crawled over the rows as slugs sheltered themselves at the bases of the plants. During the whole time that we owned that farm, I did not dare to step into these rows by myself.

One day my sister and I were picking berries in these rows. Since we had each other we did not fear a thing. Instead we remembered funny jokes and laughed at just about anything. As we were picking the berries my sister claimed that she had to go to the bathroom. Instantly I offered to come with her because the thought of staying alone in these dark rows was unimaginable. However, my sister insisted that I stay and get some work done. I protested again, however I was forced to stay by myself until she came back. As she left, I found myself trying to focus hard on singing songs, or thinking about funny things so that the thought of ghosts would not come into my head.

As I was singing my favourite song I suddenly heard a faint voice call my name. I instantly stopped singing and waited to hear it again. Five minutes past by and I did not hear the voice again. I scolded myself for being so foolish and returned to my work. As I started singing again the voice called my name again. This time it was clearer and stronger. My body gave a sudden shudder, and immediately became tense after that. I looked around wide eyed in disbelief. My mouth was gaping open. The voice seemed to be an old lady's voice. It was crackly and broken. As I was looking around I heard the voice call my name again. This time I was too afraid to move. A thin lines of sweat produced on my upper lip and forehead. My body grew cold as the blood seemed to rush from my head and I began getting dizzy. I was sitting there all alone like a statue in the middle of a dark, gloomy forest with no one to protect me. I grew so scared that tears began streaming down my face, but I did not move an inch. I was afraid that if I moved, the ghost would grab me. All of a sudden the voice began calling my name constantly as it moved closer and closer. At this time somethin was about to burst inside of me, I could not stand this fear any longer. I gave out the loudest and most chilling scream I have ever given out. As I was screaming all my outside senses shut out. I could no longer feel, touch, or see a thing. All I could hear were the screams coming from the bottom of my soul. Suddenly I felt somone shaking me. I looked up to see my sister vigorously trying to bring me back into a stable condition. I stopped screaming and was panting violently for breath. I felt sick and weak. All of a sudden my sister began laughing really hard. She dropped onto the ground with laughter and began rolling around in the leaves. I finally found my voice and asked her what was the matter. After laughing for at least five minutes she told me that she had tried scaring me by calling my name. Relief came over as I let out a huge sigh. However, later I beat her up for scaring the wits out of me.

Since we all have fears, we should not say that the boys on the island were being foolish. Perhaps if we were in the same situation as them, and were stuck on some unknown island we would also have the same fear. Even though the beast was probably just in their heads, it was perfectly normal for them to have this fear. It is part of human nature to fear unknown things.