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Dr. Cunningham : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment what research is being done or has been commissioned by his Department in respect of surface water quality.

Mr. Chris Patten : We have let the following research contracts since 1 November 1988 concerning surface water quality :

Estimation of contaminant loads in rivers ;

Strategic river eco-system studies ;

Aerial inputs to the Severn Estuary ;

Effects of the Kielder reservoir on the River North Tyne ; Health effects of sea bathing ;

Analysis of technazene and its breakdown products ;

Effect of sediment metals on estuarine benthic organisms ; Biological effects of contaminants workshop ;

Fish farm chemicals in sea locks ;

Diffuse pollution from land-use practices ; and Sediment water contaminant exchange.

Three Graces (Statue)

Mr. Neil Hamilton : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment whether he will take enforcement action in respect of the statue of the Three Graces previously at Woburn abbey.

Mr. Trippier : My right hon Friend has considered the question of the Three Graces very carefully following a


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request from the Office of Arts and Libraries for a view as to whether the statue was included in the listing of Woburn abbey. On the basis of the information before my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State, and in the light of legal advice, it appears that the Three Graces should be considered as part of the listed buildings, as both the Temple--which is listed--in which the statue was originally situated, and the plinth on which the statue stood, had been specifically designed to house this statue for the purpose of permanent display. However, there is some evidence to show that the statue had previously been moved from its original position at least once,