U.S. history: the 13 original colonies and revolutionary war

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right before the 1760's, American colonists were proud of their conetion with Britain. As Britain was taxing colonists without their consent, but americans protested. Slowly, the protests became vilent. In 1775 a confrontation between colonists and Britain's troops marked the start of the American Revolution.

In 1776, the representitives of the colonies called for separation from the british. WIth what the decleration of independance said , it made the united states a nation. Led by George Washington, the american army fought hard, for the new nation. With the French help, the americans defeated the british and thats how we won our independance.

In the revolutionary war George Washington helped out by a great deal. He was a commander in the british army and had come to the united states. But alot of people didnt want the warm,they were scared that if the broke off from britain they would lose control and and not have enough money these people were called anti-federalists.

Federalists were people that wanted to brake off from britain because the king of britain wanted every thing.