U.S. History Study Notes - Origins of World War II

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General Nye - interested in exploring how we got involved in World War I-series of books were published - one called The Road to War-Americans sold munitions to British and French (if Britain and France had lost would have lost millions of dollars) - companies pressured the Wilson Administration to go to war (simply to safeguard American investments)-Nye Committee is going to prepare legislation to keep the U.S. out of World War I-doesn't necessarily help us get out WWII, passed a series of neutrality laws-Americans should not be able to sail on the ships of belligerent nations-Peacetime draft for the first time in U.S. history-administration drafted men into the military-opens up job opportunities for others-once Hitler has taken over France, Britain is the only major power in Europe left against Hitler & Britain needed war materials (U.S. could not provide them because of the neutrality policy)-Cash and Carry solved this problem - if any nation wants to buy munitions must bring ships to the United States and pay cash-American ships are not in belligerent seas-Lend Lease, Destroyers for Bases, Convoy Policy - destroyers escorts British merchants (Roosevelt is gradually getting us more engaged in the war)1.

Identify and discuss the significance of A. Philip Randolph. How did Randolph influence FDR to issue Executive Order 8802?-movement of African Americans led by a charismatic organizer named A. Philip Randolph-Rauh had been instructed to draft a presidential executive order prohibiting discrimination on the grounds of "race color, creed, or national origin" in defense industries-FDR had been bending to the pressure from Randolph's movement-Randolph founded the largest African American labor union, the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, in 1925 - Brotherhood had a magazine, the Messenger-called for African Americans to march to Washington to demand an end to job discrimination - believed that the...