U.S. Invasion over Iraq

Essay by kanonefodder November 2008

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The invasion of Iraq began on March 18 2003, which was led by the United States, backed by the British forces and followed up by other nations like Australia, Poland, Italy, and Denmark. Many have said that the U.S invasion over Iraq was a wrong decision by the U.S to disarm the WMD or as we can say Weapon of Mass Destruction which illegally has been owned by the Iraqi. The Iraq was suspected for the possession of illegal nuclear and chemical biological weapons which made the war to start between these two countries. We often hear a lot of media saying about the U.S allied true purpose was to bring freedom and democracy to the people of Iraq. But as we see the current problem right now, we're all have been deceived by these grand words they're saying. These whole idea first started by the President George W. Bush and his compatriots was totally a failure and a big lies.

They're purpose was not to disable the weapon of mass destruction but moreover to end the Saddam Hussein's reign over Iraqi people.

Saddam Hussein is indeed a man full of mystery, many have said that he has supported the Al-Qaeda terrorism and have connection with the 9/11 incident happened on U.S which brought down the World Trade Center. His supremacy mean notorious personality and his hunger of power have made him to become the President of Iraq for almost 24 years. But in December 13, 2003 he was suspected and captured by the U.S forces for the executions of the 148 Iraqi Shi'ites. Then later on after brought up to trial, on 2006 he was proved guilty and convicted of charges related to the executions of 148 Iraqi and was sentenced to death by hanging on the end of...