U.S. Presidents In-Depth Analysis

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U.S. President Assignment Vikram Mamak

President: John F. Kennedy

Term: 1961-1963 (Assassinated in 3rd year of 1st term)

Major Event (Foreign Policy):

Bay of Pigs Invasion- U.S. invasion of Cuba fails as CIA-trained soldiers are defeated by Castro's forces

Cuban Missile Crisis- Kennedy informed of Soviet missiles in Cuba. U.S. pledges not to invade Cuba and removes missiles from Turkey in exchange for the removal of Soviet missiles

Major Event (Economic Issue):

International Trade- In an effort to promote international trade, Kennedy reduced U.S. import duties


Civil Rights Movement- Freedom Riders, March on Washington ("I Have A Dream"), Supreme Court rules that segregation in transportation facilities is unconstitutional

Gideon v. Wainwright- States must supply counsel in criminal cases for individuals who can't afford it

President: Lyndon Baines Johnson

Term: 1963-1969

Major Event (Foreign Policy):

Vietnam- Congress approved the Gulf of Tonkin resolution allowing the president to pursue military action in Vietnam

My Lai Massacre

Major Event (Economic Issue):

Economic Opportunity Act- several programs to promote health, education, and welfare of impoverished ("War on Poverty) (Great Society)


Voting Rights- 24th Amendment (abolished poll taxes), Voting Rights Act of 1965

25th Amendment - Presidential Succession (Vice President ( President)

CT- Supreme Court finds CT law that bans contraceptives to be unconstitutional

Miranda v. Arizona- 5th Amendment applies to police interrogations (Miranda Rights)

President: Richard Nixon

Term: 1969-1974

Major Event (Foreign Policy):

Vietnam- Withdrawal of Vietnam troops

Major Event (Economic Issue):

Wage Price Controls Bill- imposes restraints on wages, prices, salaries and rents

Economic Plan- Phases 1-4

Devalues U.S.

dollar, increases minimum wage


Welfare Reform- Family assistance program

Postal Reorganization Act- Established an independent USPS

Pentagon Papers- New York Times begins to publish secret government papers

Watergate Scandal- Nixon's associates caught breaking into Democratic party...