U. S. researchers say that exercising to music boosts brainpower

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People usually trust what's written in the newspapers, magazines, what they read in books or on the Internet versions of all of the above. Even though sometimes the article or the information that is represented in that publicity seems totally wrong, a reader still can't believe that something that is open to read to every single person in the whole world can possibly be wrong or have some false statements.

However, some people have critical thinking skill. That means that they have a need to criticize and analyze every piece of information they see, listen or hear; in a word, all information that reaches their critically - settled mind. Many people have that skill, but not all of them use it. However, while reading some article, humans just cant stop questioning themselves if the information they read is really true, how can it possibly be so and did it really happen r not.

Some of them leave those questions open. The others start analyzing the topic and seeking for all the possible answers and, maybe, solutions to the presented problem that was created in their mind.

One of the articles in WASHINGTON (Reuters) made a statement that "Exercising to music can boost human's brainpower". The argument didn't have enough foundation to prove that argument. However it tried to prove that if both exercising and listening to music highers your brainpower, these two activities together would make a double affect. According to this article this statement was a result of work of the U.S researchers. Later it appears, that the researches were a team at Ohio University. However, it doesn't give the information about the members of the team, except one person, who led the study. This person was some kind of psychologist called Charles Emery. That is the only...