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There are some differences between two famous universities in Vancouver, the University of British Columbia (UBC) and Simon Fraser University (SFU). First of all, in terms of campus, the SFU campus is eseentially a great big concrete building. SFU is 1200 feet above sea level Burnaby Mountain. As a result, the view from SFU is spectacular on clear days, but SFU can be very gloomy on rainy days. In contrast, UBC is a much larger campus. It is located on probably one of the best pieces of land in Canada. You can witness spectacular sunsets, have a view of the mountains, and have the feeling of a large prosperous university campus. Secondly, as for the programs, and acquaintance of mine who studies at SFU has told me that UBC is known for its programs in medicine, psychology and commerce, while SFU is famous for its programs in business administration, criminology and First Nation Studies.

Although it has been said that SFU'S business program is considerably easier, UBC's business program is not that much more difficult than SFU's, and one may actually get to enjoy UBC's business program once he is more familiar with the program. Finally, I think the cost may be one of the issues. On average, it's cheaper to live by SFU than live by UBC. You can rent a room for $350 to $450 by SFU. I would imagine that rents by UBC range from $450 to $650. Overall, whichever you choose, you'll still get a good education.