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UCR Research/Professor C. Espinoza

JS104 Grand Canyon University

Maria Rivera-Rodriquez

14 July 2010

Unlike in the past, where police officers had little to do with crime (Criminal Justice In Action, Gaines & Miller 2009), today's police force faces ungodly acts of not only crime, but of conspiracy and evil. Simple comparisons to policing duties in early America were mostly directed at control and containment. Any individual who performed these duties was not even paid; it was an agreed service by each village, town, city, or community. My thoughts on preparation here for those policing volunteers are that they had to have been of high moral and ethical standards. They must have had good relations with the entire community in that they were regulating much of the events, and transactions in those days. I would imagine they also had to have had a clean image, both inside and outside. For example, by clean on the outside, obviously very healthy and clean hygiene.

For clean on the inside, I mean clean language, clean thoughts and behavior go hand in hand with that of being of high moral standards, respectable and honorable. The Bible is clear on how laws play an essential role in our societies. For example, it is the principles behind the law that we must remind ourselves and not be like the Pharisees and Sadducees. Matthew 5, New International Version Bible, tells us how Jesus teaches us about the law, and how not to break or lead another into breaking it, how more clearly can we have this given to us? With that said, a paid law enforcement officer in Modern America today has an intricate role. One reason for this is seen in the abuse and cruelties of police history. Another reason for this would also be the...