UFO's, Fact or Fiction?

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For centuries man has wondered on his position in the universe. Is he alone? Is he the divine creature? Is he descended from an ape, or a godly being? Finding its major roots just recently after World War II, the idea of extraterrestrial life existing and visiting our planet has held us captivated. The probability of alien visitors, although not entirely proven, is growing in acceptance due to an overwhelming amount of evidence, and public support.

The media has also had an effect upon the public's opinion of UFOs. Starting in the late 50's, cheesy movies featuring larger than life monsters have created a feeling of foreboding towards the unknown. When combined with rampant UFO sightings, the public tried to calm its fears by inventing the 'little green men form Mars' image (Orlando Sentinel 3/5/65). This image has remained popular still today, as expressed in many various cartoons.

Although UFO sightings have dropped in number, and receive less coverage in business or news oriented periodicals, a new breed of coverage has emerged (Arvey 57). These new shows, such as 'The

X-Files,' are of a more rebellious than that of any seen before. Pointing out the government's plots and schemes, avoiding death at the hands of secret government hitmen, and proving the existence of extraterrestrial life, however farfetched, are quite regular. Though this image is good for publicity and ratings, the influence it holds on its viewers is somewhat detrimental to society. The more serious of these shows however, are presented in a somewhat biased, but news-like manner. These programs such as the popular 'Sightings,' give detailed reports of each incident, then attempting to link it to extraterrestrial motives.

As with any revolutionary change of thinking in society, there are those who jump at it with an incredible amount...