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Philosophy - Argument & Critical Thinking UFOS AND STRANGE VISITORS FROM OUTER SPACE Introduction Human beings since time beyond remembrance, have believed in, experienced or imagined mysterious, supernatural occurrences. Today's beliefs are no greater nor less fantastic than those of our ancestors, but they have been revised. People in today's society no longer believe in goblins and monsters and other fantastic creatures (well, the majority do not). Instead mythology has been modernised along with technology to involve creature from beyond our atmosphere. Like the mythology of the past, people have believed, and many have sought to prove theses myths are real. Andrew Tomas and Kevin Arnett both believe that beings from outer space have visited Earth, but seek to prove it in different ways.

Tomas' argues that myths are historical facts, and on interpretation, myths prove the occurrence of alien visitations. I intend to dispute his argument. First, I will contest whether myths do constitute historical fact, and second, I will show that he performs a common and very human act, which undermines the validity of his proof.

By interpreting his "evidence"�, Tomas is seeking only that which will verify his hypothesis, and (consciously or not) Tomas constructs evidence to suit his requirements.

Arnett believes that the numerous accounts of UFO sightings and abductions prove their existence. Unfortunately for Arnett's argument, there are other logical explanations for these experiences that do not need to include UFOs and alien visitors. Arnett, is also guilty of construction, but his construction relates to personal experiences. I intend to show that even for occasions where there seems no doubt a sighting occurred there is, in actuality, much doubt and controversy.

I do not intend to prove UFOs and aliens have not or do not exist, I am merely arguing that the evidence must be...