Are UFOs Real or Not?

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Are UFOs Real or Not?

Are UFO's real or are they a myth?! UFOs are real because of all the pictures of UFOs, disappearances and also encounters many different people have had dealing with these Aliens and what pilots have seen in the air as they are flying.

UFOs have been seen by Engineers and astronauts. One person is Dr. Richard Haines Dr. Haines is a former NASA research scientist and maintains a collection of over 3,000 UFO sightings reported by pilots. The chance that a UFO is a kite, balloon or bird is less when the UFO is seen at a very high altitude of course at kite could have snapped its string and be floating free. But balloons would burst because of the thinner air pressure and birds do not fly at 30,000 feet. Each day there are new discoveries about science travel, and the search for life in space.

(Fuch 41-43).

Like for instants there were two unexplained bodies flying horizontally over the Zurich, Switzerland Airport in the summer of 1966. Some photographs of UFOs have been taken from the air one was taken by a Japanese pilot during World War two. UFOs were called "Foo Fighters" According to Larry Koss. UFOs photo was by Dr. Hynek, a famous astronomer who founded the Center for UFO Studies. He was on board an airliner when he noticed a round dislike object or objects were passing. He quickly He quickly snapped a picture which also shows clouds below the plane. The object hasn't been explained.

Another UFO mystery is the silence of UFOs most of times, UFOs make no noise at all they speed high-powered jets and are seen on radar flying thousands of miles per hour. There is no engine sound, and no sonic boom.

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