The UK Motor Car Market: An Economic Analysis

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Quality Management Systems: Tools and Techniques for Managing Organisational Training, Learning and Development.


The concept of quality management has developed into a mature field of practice and research, and has become a pervasive philosophy that has expanded into most of today's business sectors, environment and the society in general. It evolved within the relationship between scientific method and business management, and as engineers, managers, executives, and government officials responded daily to problems arising from organisational processes (Stralser, 2004). According to Kemp (2006), quality is larger than business and cuts across cultures, and as a phenomenon has evolved over the years. Although the principles of quality management cannot be attributed to academic research (Hoyle, 2007), its poten btial for enhancing organisational output has been demonstrated over time, hence, researchers and practitioners have continued to search for theory, philosophy and research on programs for improvement in which organisational effectiveness can be improved (McCollum, 2004).

Realising this, managers around the world have therefore done all they can to embed quality management practices into their routine operations to such extents that meets their predefined requirements (Sousa and Voss, 2002). Observations from the work place have therefore been extended into academic circles for analysis, synthesis, and refinement to emerge as universal principles (Hoyle, 2007). The concept of quality management was developed more than three decades ago based on the theories put forward at various times by different practitioners and scholars, and as a recent phenomenon, it concerns the activities involved in ensuring that an organisation or product is consistent in maintaining its promise through the manipulation of four main components: quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement (Rose, 2005). Beyond the proposals submitted by these practitioners, the concept...