The UK students' attitude to environment

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The purpose of this research is to gather baseline data on the level of environmental knowledge and behaviour of college students in UK. For this purpose, an instrument of 33 items was designed and tested on a sample of 80 students. When investigating the students' main source of environmental information, it was found that the students gained most of their environmental knowledge from out-of-school sources rather than from general education at school. The majority of the students indicated that they gathered most of their environmental information from electronic media (radio and television of 50%). Only 21% of the students indicated that general education at school was their main source of environmental information.

IntroductionBritain is an island nation and it has a population of 57, 6 million people, and 236 people per square kilometer, 91.5 per cent urban and 8.5 per cent rural. At the first of the industrialized nations, Britain has a long history of pollution (Jones, 2004).

The change in the Earth's atmosphere and gradual increase in average temperature will mean that the UK is likely to endure bouts of extreme weather on a more frequent basis. Heavy rains resulting in floods and dry summers resulting in drought will undoubtedly be more common.

The concept of environmental impact has spread throughout many countries, since the passage of the US national environmental policy Act 1969 which incorporated a Impact of major federal actions significantly affecting the quality of the human environment (Gilpin, 1995: 2). Some countries have introduced specific legislation, setting out formal requirements for environment. Initially, Britain responded by adapting their well-developed land-use planning systems and created specific legislation by way of acts and regulations.

In late1980s, UK government presented the Britain's environment strategy defined the goals and strategies for sustainable development. The strategy set out some general...