Ukrainean Culture

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Ukrainian Culture

The Ukrainian national emblem is a golden Trident, which dates back to Rjurik Dynasty, the governors of Kievan Rus.

Ukraine is located in the central Europe at the crossroads between Europe and Asia. Ukraine borders on Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus and Russia. Having the total area of 603,700, Ukraine is one of the biggest countries of Europe.

The country is subdivided into 24 regions (oblasts) and the Crimea - autonomous republic.

The capital is Kyiv (Kiev in Russian).

The climate is moderately continental and comparatively dry with more than 290 sunny days in the year in the South Ukraine (Black Sea coast, Crimea).

Average winter temperature:

from -8° to -15° C (between +17.6° F and +5° F)

In Southern regions the winter temperature hovers around freezing.

Falling snow and -10° C (+14° F) is a really rare occurrence, which is usually replaced by a thaw.

Average summer temperature:

from +18° to +25° C (between +64,4° and +77° F), though in daytime can get up over +35° C (+95° F).


Ukraine is located in East-Europe plain. The most part of the country is in low-lying lands, fertile plains with two highland areas: in the South -Crimean.

Southern coast of Ukraine is washed by the Black and Azov Sea, coast line is 2,782 km. The majority of Ukrainian rivers flow into the Black Sea, among the biggest are Dnipro, Dnister, Danube, Desna, Pivdenyj (Southern) Booh.

Natural resources: iron ore, coal, manganese, natural gas, oil, salt, sulfur, graphite, titanium, magnesium, kaolin, nickel, mercury, timber and arable land.

Country language is Ukrainian. The majority of Ukrainians are bilingual and speak Russian as well. Russian is used widely in the Crimea, Odessa, Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk. Among foreign languages the most popular is English.


Ukrainian cuisine restaurants are...