The ultimate dress code!

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The Ultimate Dress Code

School systems have used many different ways to keep tract of their students and not let anyone who is not their student on campus. Andrew Jackson, like so many other districts, started to enforce a dress code. All students must wear a white shirt and navy or kaki pants with a belt. I am not trying to bash the school boards method of discipline; I just believe that some methods of punishments and some of the violations people incur could be overlooked more often. Dress codes should be enforced in a way that will not take the student away from valuable class time.

In the years that I attended Andrew Jackson before dress codes had been enforced, I had always been an honor roll student. I had never been in any trouble and had never had a detention. After dress codes were enforced, I started to get violations.

In one instance, I had on a pair of shoes that were black and white, the schools dress code policy for shoes, but was in violation because it had too much black and white in them. Since I had those shoes on, I missed the rest of the day of school. Is this what is supposed to be happening? I thought that school was a place to learn. I know that we would not have these problems if we all just followed the rules, but even you, the principle, have to say some of the violations that the school board comes up with are truly far fetched. Violations such as students wearing ankle socks, colored undershirts, and the type of bra should not keep a student from missing valuable class time. A number of students I know had missed test and other important classroom assignments that they...