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Ultimate Fighting Championship The sport of Ultimate Fighting Championship has gained popularity throughout the past five years. UFC consists of two fighters using two styles of combat, fighting each other until someone submits or gets knocked out. Since the start of the UFC there has been great controversy if it should be legal in the US. States such as Kansas, Ohio, and South Carolina have outlawed UFC. This has some fans upset. Ultimate Fighting Championship should be legal in all fifty states, and should not be regulated from state to state.

UFC is a competition that is taken place in a thirty-foot wide octagon where fighters from all around the world use their skills to fight. There is a 15-minute time limit where the fighters can knock out their opponent or make him submit. The other two ways to win are if their corner throws in the towel, or the doctor or referee stops the fight.

There are few rules, which makes the competition so exciting. The competitors must wear a mouth guard, groin cup, and combat gloves. They can not eye gouge, bite, strike the throat, fishhook, or kick with hard-soled shoes (SEG sports 4-5). Other than those rules, anything goes.

The main problem with the UFC according to states, has been safety for the competitors. Most people don't know that each fighter has a full medical exam, including HIV, Hepatitis B&C, and cardiovascular testing between bouts. These precautions equal or surpass the most stringent boxing commission regulations in US (Kriegel 3). People believe that there are no rules and a guy just beats the other senseless, but that is totally wrong. Most types of combat used are jujitsu, wrestling, boxing, or kickboxing. Since fighters are experienced in these types of combat they know their boundaries of how much...