"The Ultimate Survivor" An effective problem/solution essay based on what I have learned about irony by reading "A Modest Proposal".

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From the beginning of time society has had an increasing problem with violence, beginning with Cain killing his brother Abel. All through history decent society has endeavored to change violent offenders by putting them in prison. This does not stop the problem because criminals love the free services the government provides. They are set up with free room and board, free medical attention, and a fabulous "Crime College" where they learn how to commit other crimes to society so that when they are let out of prison on a "technicality", they are even more violent and despicable. The cost of sending criminals to prison today is outrageous because of all the food, medical care, education, and rehabilitation we provide them with. Furthermore, many criminals do not serve their sentences because we do not have the money to build enough prisons and also we do not have enough money to pay for more guards to work in the prisons.

The thought of going to prison also does not instill enough fear in people to prevent them from performing these violent acts. I have a wonderful proposal to this problem of violence and would bring new meaning to the work survivor.

My proposal to this problem of criminal violence deals fairly with both a decent society and a criminal society as well. This proposal deals with the problems of money, space, and the shortage of workers in prison. It also solves the problem of criminals escaping from prison. It is not the purpose of this proposal to change the criminals, because obviously they were born with violent criminal minds and should be allowed to do whatever makes them happy. Nor do I propose to punish them or deter them in any way. My thesis is to protect our decent society by...