The Umbrella Man by dahl

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The Umbrella Man

1) Imagine that the mother goes to the police station to report the "Umbrella

Man". The police ask her to appear on television to recount her experience. What do you think she might say?

"It was about six o'clock that day when my daughter and I were standing on the pavement in the rain, looking for a taxi. Just then, an old man probably around seventy years old came up to us. He was a small man who had a fine white moustache and bushy white eyebrows and a wrinkly pink face. He was sheltering under an umbrella when he asked if we could do him a small favour. He claimed that he had forgotten to bring his wallet and he needed a pound for his taxi-fare home. In return, he would give us his silk umbrella worth twenty pounds. I wanted to make sure that he was not a trickster, so I asked how he had gotten there if he had no money in the first place.

He replied saying that he would go for a lovely long walk every morning and then summon a taxi to take him home as he could not manage on his tired legs back. At first, I offered to just give him the taxi-fare and be done with it as I did not want to take advantage of an old man. However, he insisted that I should take the umbrella and I had no other choice but to accept his offer. Just then, my daughter spotted the little old man walking very fast across the street in a hurry and neither did he look tired nor was he trying to call for a taxi. I got suspicious of him and decided to find out what he...