The UN; Canada’s Greatest Asset towards its Foreign Policies and Relations

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The UN; Canada's Greatest Asset towards its Foreign Policies and Relations

From its founding in 1945 up till now, Canada has been a major contributor to the UN's international interests and objectives. Canada has benefitted from its role in the UN by using the UN as a forum to promote foreign policy and relations. As a nation, it has strived to achieve world peace through various peacekeeping missions internationally and the UN has allowed Canada to pursue its global security objectives to evidently make the world a better place. Canada has been able to establish a clear and independent identity as a strong and influential nation in world affairs because of the UN due to which Canada has been capable of having a sustained long-term impact and a voice in world affairs. By working with the UN, Canada has helped to make the world a safer and better place to live in by increasing the awareness of and thereby enforcing human rights and freedoms as well as by helping poorer developing nations financially throughout the world.

Canada has been renowned for its Canadian foreign policy and relations by all nations due to Canada's significant and continuing contribution in all aspects of the United Nations' activities and agendas.

Canada has worked towards achieving world peace through the use of various strategies and is now recognized as a leader in peacekeeping and peacemaking worldwide. It has been considered a leader in peacekeeping ever since the year 1956 when the Suez Crisis took place. The Suez Crisis was initiated when the Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser offered to nationalize the Suez Canal which provoked France and Britain to engage in military action with their ally Israel. (LESTER PEARSON & THE SUEZ CRISIS)It was then that Lester B. Pearson suggested that Canadian soldiers could...