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In "The Wink of Mona Lisa" by Mohammed Al Murr, the author is unrealistic because he represents an untrue picture of UAE society. At first, he pictures the wedding parties in the UAE as mixed parties where men and women are invited. Moreover, he gives a false view about women's conduct in the same society. Furthermore, he represents UAE women's most concerns in make-up, diamonds and dresses only.

The first unrealistic view is the mixed wedding party. In this story, Hasan and his friends should not be there because UAE wedding parties are separated. The bridegroom's family always books a special hall for men and another one for women. Moreover, men cannot see women because women often cover their faces according to the traditions. As a result, Hasan should not see Buthaina uncovered. More and more, in this story we find " young men don't wear a bisht on the wedding night, clapping, trilling and singing" (P.187).

However, in women's wedding parties, if there are masculine singers, there must be a curtain that separates them from seeing women. As we see, there is no existence of men in UAE women's wedding parties.

The second false view is about women's conduct in UAE society. The author represents women having relationship with men before marriage and traveling with their girl friends. UAE society is a very strict community and people maintain good conducts and consider them as main things in the society. In addition, Islam, which is their religion, urges them to conduct well and to conduct well and to have good behaviors. When Hasan wants to marry Buthaina, his family refuses because of many reasons such as, "She was previously contracted to marry one of her relatives, and she used to go out with him" (P.193). They refuses Buthaina because according to UAE traditions, a girl dose not go with a man and does not have any kind of relationship until she marries him. Another reason of the objection of Buthaina is that she travels last year with her friends and this is against the common customs. Girls should not travel alone. She must travel with her family or on of her masculine relatives.

The last untrue view is about UAE women and their most concerns in make-up, diamonds and dresses. We can find this when Hasan describes women "All faces of women covered in make-up, kohl and powders, the flashing of their jewellery, gold and diamonds and the colors of their dresses covering the whole spectrum"(P.187). The author shows women as silly persons who concentrate in the external aspects. In UAE society, you will find women who are interested in useful things such as, serving their society by working as teachers, doctors…etc, learning different kinds of knowledge for example, science, Art, medicine and engineering. Furthermore, you will find women who are bringing up their children to be useful members in the society in order to build a solid and perfect community. Women who concern in diamonds and money are very rare because most women believe that money and diamonds will disappear and vanish.

In conclusion, the author represents and untrue view about UAE society. He represents a society where there are a mixed wedding parties, where women with wrong conduct and where women's most concerns in material things. In my opinion, the author is to blame because any foreign reader who does not have any idea about UAE society may believes this false view.