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Dear Mr. Secretary General, Fellow Delegates, and Distinguished Guests, I'm honored to stand here in front of you today to discuss the situation in Ukraine at this very moment. As we all know we are now approaching a new and dangerous time where we might have a new world war as the most horrendous consequence.

The situation in Ukraine is not improving but it has instead reached its worst peak, and we in the United Nations and other organizations must discuss how it is possible to solve the crisis in especially Crimea one way or the other.

Since November 2013 there has been bloody demonstrations in one of our fellow member states, Ukraine. Many people and nationalities have been affected by the situation, and it is absolutely not a wanted situation for any parts. As Russia, as another member state of the UN, it was seen as a threat to their Russians living in particularly the Crimea, as about 60% of the population is ethnically Russian.

To make sure their countrymen in Ukraine was not exposed to the unrest in the country; they sent forces into the Crimea.

For Ukraine this was seen as a massive threat from the big and powerful Russia, distinctly after the history of being a successor state from the former Soviet Union. Ukraine will not be able to stand up to Russia alone militarily, and we must find a way to negotiate peace between these two nations.

Now violence has erupted between the two nationalities, the pro Ukrainian and pro Russians, the people who used to live side by side peacefully not caring if the neighbor was ethnically Ukrainian or Russian. This is the nationalism speaking, and as we have seen before it is a very dangerous thing that can lead to...