The Unavoidable Revolution from the perspective of having lived in that time.

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This period of time we're living in, called the Industrial Revolution, is deforming our children, hurting our bodies, and is putting everyone in danger. Our jobs are not only putting our lives in danger but our families and our education well really there isn't any. This so called revolution is affecting everyone in a very negative way and is hurting us all. We are getting more advanced with all the technology that's being invented, but what about the dangerous consequences? We can't avoid the consequences, and we can't ignore what's happening. It's all around us! We read about the many children doing incredibly hard labor and losing limbs, the diseases spreading, and the living conditions that are completely horrible. The Industrial Revolution is negative and I can prove that to you.

One reason why the revolution is affecting so many people because most of us work in factories trying to provide for our families.

See the factory owners rushed to build workers' housing so they are dark, poorly constructed, and badly ventilated. Most live in cramped conditions and try to deal with it. I mean there's 20 families sharing 1 toilet and water pump! Not only are people cramped but there's garbage littered streets that our children play in. The crime rate is off the charts and diseases are spreading like crazy. Our lives are being shorten. Farmers live to about the age of 38 years old and thanks to urbanization workers live up to 17 years. Urbanization is one reason why the Industrial Revolution is affecting us all.

Working conditions are another reason why the Industrial Revolution is something that affects us all. Everybody is working extremely long, dreadful hours. 12-14 hours a day, 6 days a week, in 80 degrees heat with machinery is ridiculous.