Unborn Writing

Essay by cheatmasterflexB-, October 2002

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Unborn Writing

This is about a specific type of individual who is constantly getting in trouble by teachers.

Lots of families in America are filled with reading enthusiasm while my enthusiasm is stuck in another world that cannot get to this. In other words, it's only in my imagination that it can come true, however, sometimes my hopes are on the end of the rope to continue, but I remember the past and keep going and I do not intend to stop for anyone.

Reading is not always in my head. In class when I'm bored, I wonder off somewhere else thinking in my mind "what could have happened..."to lots of things I did prior to the class. But I intend to change my bad habits to good habits as soon as I get a very good reason explained to me as to why I should.

When I first walked into a class, I noticed some of the students that know who I am, said to them selve's "What is he doing here?!" because I'm usually getting in trouble with the school staff, especially with the front office, but I really don't get why.

Most of the reasons they do this is because they tell me, "Your shirt is inappropriate for the student body on this campus " when it really doesn't state anything awful that will wreck their minds and make them go into complete madness. I always try to do my homework at the time that it is due, but from time to time I forget to write down the homework and don't do it. Eventhough my work quality isn't all that great. You must understand that I'm giving it my best effort to make most of my teachers proud but that is rare for me.... Teachers...