Uncertainties of life

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"Life's one certainty is its sheer uncertainty." To be uncertain means to be undetermined and unsteady. Any absolute predictions are therefore meaningless. Besides its unsureness, uncertainty can be life-changing as well.

I always thought that David Beckham would devote his entire career to Manchester United, the club that nurtured him when he was in his teenage years. It was not my personal daydream because the facts suggested that the team was built around him. This legendary connection between him and the "red devils" seemed to be immovable until his relationship with his manager deteriorated further on 15 February 2003 when, in the changing room following a defeat to Arsenal, Sir Alex Ferguson kicked a football boot that struck Beckham over the eye, causing a cut that required stitches. The incident led to a great deal of transfer speculation involving Beckham, or else Ferguson would have to leave the club. The club of course chose to trade Beckham and since then the once considered impossible transfer did happen.

In the following years, Patrick Vieira, Van Nistelrooy, Thierry Henry, and even José Mourinho who was fired by Chelsea FC earlier this week all departed form their once beloved clubs, either because they were forced to leave or because they received a better contract somewhere else. Just as the saying goes, "Domains under heaven, after a long period of division, tend to unite; after a long period of union, tend to divide." it is the natural trend of the world we live in.

Uncertainties can also change a person's life, both positively and negatively. Miguel de Cervantes is well-known as one of the greatest novelists ever, but not everyone is aware of his miserable life. He was born in Alcala de Henares, a small town near Madrid. His father was a doctor...