Unchanging nature of politics-dr. stangelove & wag the dog

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Unchanging Nature of Politics

Dr. Strangelove and Wag the Dog are two movies that are done in diferent phases of the history. What is common in between these two films? If we watch it lacking critical and analytical manner it's hard to compare, contrast and connect them. Their contexts and what they are pointing out are very different than each other. But when I watched and re-evaluated them I saw the common nature of the politics issued in both of them. Politics is a manipulative game. Politics have always had some determinants throughout the history. Economics has always been one of them. Powerholders have always effected and determined the politics. Propaganda is an effective tool that's used by the politicians. Since media is an excellent medium to enable propaganda it has become another determinant in politics. Media is one of the most important and influencing factors in our daily lives.

It's the ultimate architecture of the public opinion.

In this paper I will first I will give a brief summary of the Cold War era and then analyse the movie Dr. Strangelove with respect to the Cold War period.We can evaluate the Cold War era as the time period where the politicians controlled the media, the politics and destiny of the people. Then I will look at the contemporary situation with the help of the movie Wag the Dog and analyse the role of media as an important factor of the politics. And finally I will try to compare and contrast each period, the cold war era and contemporary time, with their power components. My point is that the nature of politics is constant throughout the the history regardless of the time and space. Political games may worsen or get more ethical but the essence of politics remains the...