Uncle Vonya

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"Uncle Vonya"

Dana Calloway Rogers

December 2, 2013

Theater Arts

I thought the play "Uncle Vonya" by Anton Chekhov was a very intriguing work of art I overall enjoyed the play and thought it was very interesting the way it was organized. It was also confusing and made you really think about what was going on, which also made it interesting to sit down and watch. There were many things that I like about the play and I overall enjoyed it. I thought the actors were amazing and I was delighted by the fact that Duke Students conducted the play at Duke University. They were really talented and I am sure they will have a long and successful career in acting. There are many things relevant to why it was a well-orchestrated play.

First will be how well prepared the actors were. I found out that all the actors were regular Duke University student and I see a handful of them everyday.

It is more meaningful knowing that students are ordinary people just like me and you that are performing at such high levels at which they are performing. The actors in the play had very intense work ethic. I became aware that every student-involved in "Uncle Vonya" were required to take a course dedicated to the play. The characters was key to this plays success. An article from the "Duke Chronicle", a well-known and well-respected campus wide newspaper at Duke University, say the actors will be focused not only on lines and music, but on movement as well (Chekhov's Uncle Vonya comes to Duke this November). I found that interesting because of the game that we use to warm-up with requires a lot of movement. Obviously they were not up there playing freeze, but I figure the...